Elevating the Seascape: Epic Audio’s Custom Installation on the 2006 Meridian 391

In the world of luxury boating, the 2006 Meridian 391 stands as a testament to elegance and innovation. However, for those seeking an unparalleled audio and navigation experience, then keep reading. In this blog post, we’ll get into the custom installation work performed by Epic Audio, highlighting key features such as Wet Sounds Revo LED speakers, custom subwoofer enclosures, Arc Audio amplifiers, Fusion Marine Bluetooth stereo, GARMIN technology, and the stunning LED speaker lighting that transforms both the atmosphere and functionality of this exceptional vessel.

Wet Sounds Revo LED Speakers:

At the heart of the audio upgrade are the Wet Sounds Revo LED speakers. Engineered for marine environments, these speakers combine cutting-edge audio technology with vibrant LED lighting. Epic Audio seamlessly integrated these speakers into the Meridian 391, delivering an immersive audio experience that complements the vessel’s luxurious design.

Custom Subwoofer Enclosures:

To enhance the bass response and overall audio quality, Epic Audio crafted custom subwoofer enclosures. These enclosures are not only acoustically optimized but also designed to seamlessly blend with the boat’s interior, ensuring a sleek and cohesive look. The result is a deep, rich bass that resonates throughout the vessel, elevating the on-board entertainment experience to new heights.

Arc Audio Amplifiers:

Powering the audio system are Arc Audio amplifiers, renowned for their precision and clarity. Epic Audio strategically selected and installed these amplifiers to deliver optimal performance, ensuring every note and beat is reproduced with unmatched fidelity. The Meridian 391 becomes a floating concert venue, allowing passengers to enjoy music with unparalleled clarity, even on the open seas.

Fusion Marine (now owned by Garmin) Bluetooth Stereo:

For convenient and seamless control of the audio system, Epic Audio integrated a Fusion Marine Bluetooth stereo with a remote at the helm. This not only provides easy access to music and audio settings but also allows passengers to tailor their audio experience without leaving their seat. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and luxury for a modern boating lifestyle.

GARMIN Navigation and Technology:

The integration of GARMIN technology takes the Meridian 391 to the next level of navigation and safety. A 12-inch GPS chart plotter ensures precise navigation, while the GARMIN Fantom radar provides advanced weather tracking. The inclusion of a GARMIN high-definition IP engine camera and backup camera enhances situational awareness, making every voyage safer and more enjoyable.

Full Color LED Speaker Lighting:

Epic Audio didn’t stop at audio quality; they also elevated the ambiance with full-color LED speaker lighting. This customizable lighting solution not only adds a visual spectacle to the boat but also enhances safety by providing soft, ambient lighting during nighttime cruises.

Master Stateroom Garmin GPS:

Ensuring that every corner of the Meridian 391 is equipped with cutting-edge technology, Epic Audio installed a Garmin GPS in the master stateroom. This thoughtful addition ensures that passengers can enjoy the same level of navigation and connectivity in the comfort of their private space.

Epic Audio’s custom installation on the Meridian 391 is a testament to their commitment to delivering a superior audio and navigation experience. From the powerful Wet Sounds Revo LED speakers to the precision of Arc Audio amplifiers and the advanced GARMIN technology, every aspect of this installation is designed to elevate the seascape. The Meridian 391 is not just a boat; it’s a floating masterpiece of audio and technology, offering a journey that transcends the ordinary and redefines luxury on the water.

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Epic Marine Audio: Why Chartplotters are Essential for Boating

Epic Audio _ Chartplotters

Picture this: You’re out on the open water, the sun shining down, a gentle breeze in your hair, and your favorite tunes playing in the background. You’re living the dream of every boating enthusiast. But what’s the key to making this experience truly epic? It’s not just about the music; it’s about navigation and safety as well. In this blog post, we’ll explore why chartplotters are essential for boating, and how they can enhance your marine audio experience.

Epic Audio Chartplotter on Boat Driving Navigation Lake Ozarks

Navigation Precision

One of the primary functions of a chartplotter is to provide precise navigation information. Whether you’re cruising along the coast or venturing into deeper waters, knowing your exact location, depth, and the location of potential hazards is crucial for a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Chartplotters use GPS technology to pinpoint your boat’s location on electronic charts, making it easy to plan routes, avoid shallow waters, and steer clear of dangerous obstacles. This precision is not only a matter of convenience but also a matter of safety.

Enhanced Audio Integration

Modern chartplotters have evolved to offer more than just navigation assistance. Many models now come equipped with advanced audio integration features that allow you to control your marine audio system directly from the chartplotter interface. This means you can change tracks, adjust volume, and even select playlists without taking your eyes off the navigation screen.

Imagine seamlessly switching between your favorite songs and monitoring your course with a simple touch on the chartplotter. It not only enhances the overall boating experience but also ensures you stay focused on the most important task at hand: safe navigation.

Real-time Weather Updates

Weather conditions can change rapidly out on the water, and having up-to-date information is crucial for making informed decisions. Many chartplotters offer real-time weather updates, which can include wind speed, wave height, temperature, and precipitation forecasts.

Having access to this information directly on your chartplotter screen can help you plan your route to avoid storms, heavy rain, or strong winds. It adds another layer of safety to your boating adventures, ensuring that you’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Waypoint Tracking and Route Planning

Chartplotters allow you to mark waypoints and plan routes with ease. Whether you want to revisit a favorite fishing spot or chart a course to a distant island, these devices make it simple to set up and follow your desired path.

Furthermore, chartplotters can calculate estimated arrival times, taking into account factors like current speed and wind conditions. This level of planning and tracking capability not only enhances your overall boating experience but also ensures you’re making the most of your time on the water.

Chartplotters for boat in Lake Ozarks

Safety Features

In addition to navigation and audio integration, chartplotters often come with safety features like AIS (Automatic Identification System) integration, which allows you to see and be seen by other vessels in the area. This promotes safer navigation and helps prevent collisions, especially in busy waterways.

For any boating enthusiast looking to make their marine audio experience truly epic, a chartplotter is an essential tool. These devices offer precise navigation, seamless audio integration, real-time weather updates, and safety features that enhance both the enjoyment and safety of your boating adventures. So, before you set sail on your next journey, make sure to equip your boat with a reliable chartplotter—it’s the key to an unforgettable and safe experience on the water.

Compare garmin chartplotter gps

If you are interested in getting a new chartplotter, reach out to talk about the best option for your boat and your budget.

Enhance Your On-Water Experience with Wet Sounds Marine Speakers

Epic Audio Marine Electronics.

Wet Sounds Marine Speakers

When it comes to marine audio systems, few names stand out quite like Wet Sounds. With a reputation built on delivering unparalleled sound quality and durability, Wet Sounds marine speakers have become a staple in the boating and water sports community. Whether you’re cruising on a yacht, fishing on a pontoon, or riding the waves on a personal watercraft, these speakers are designed to bring your favorite tunes to life while enduring the challenges of the marine environment.

The Challenge of Marine Audio
The marine environment presents a unique set of challenges for audio equipment. From constant exposure to water and moisture to the harsh effects of salt, sun, and wind, traditional speakers simply can’t stand up to these conditions. That’s where Wet Sounds comes in. With a deep understanding of these challenges, the company has engineered a range of marine speakers that are specifically designed to overcome these obstacles while delivering exceptional sound quality.
Unmatched Durability
One of the standout features of Wet Sounds marine speakers is their exceptional durability. These speakers are built to withstand the harshest marine conditions, ensuring they remain reliable and deliver consistent performance over time. They are constructed using marine-grade materials that resist corrosion, rust, and UV damage. This ensures that your investment in a set of Wet Sounds speakers will continue to provide you with high-quality sound for many boating seasons to come.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Wet Sounds doesn’t just rely on rugged construction – they also incorporate cutting-edge audio technology to ensure an immersive listening experience. From advanced speaker cone materials to high-quality tweeters and crossovers, every component is carefully selected to optimize audio performance in outdoor and marine settings. This attention to detail results in clear, powerful sound that can easily compete with the sound of crashing waves and roaring engines.
Variety to Suit Your Needs
Wet Sounds offers a diverse range of marine speakers to cater to various preferences and vessel types. Whether you’re looking for compact speakers that can be discreetly installed or larger, more powerful tower speakers to blast your favorite tunes across the water, Wet Sounds has a solution. Their product lineup includes coaxial speakers, component speakers, subwoofers, and specialized wakeboard tower speakers, giving you the flexibility to customize your audio system to suit your boating style.
Easy Installation
Installing marine speakers can be a daunting task, but Wet Sounds makes it as painless as possible. Many of their speakers are designed for easy installation, often incorporating features like integrated mounting hardware and color-coded connections. This not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures that the speakers are securely mounted for optimal performance and safety.
A Community of Enthusiasts
Wet Sounds has cultivated a strong community of boating and water sports enthusiasts who are passionate about their products. The brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with their high-quality speakers, has led to a loyal following of users who trust Wet Sounds to enhance their on-water experiences.
When it comes to marine speakers, Wet Sounds stands out as a reliable and innovative choice. With a focus on durability, advanced technology, and a wide range of options, these speakers are a fantastic investment for anyone who wants to elevate their boating adventures with high-quality audio. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely cruise, engaging in water sports, or simply relaxing on your vessel, Wet Sounds marine speakers are designed to deliver exceptional sound and withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Make waves with your music and choose Wet Sounds for an unmatched on-water audio experience.

Light up the night with Lumitec Marine Lighting

Epic Audio Marine Electronics Lumitec Marine Lighting Orlando Flortida

Beautiful nights at sea are even more stunning with the power of Lumitec lighting. Remote RGB color changing technology will take your open water experience to the next level.

Founded in 2007, Lumitec was conceived, designed, and built to leverage new technologies in the development of innovative, high-value products. This concrete vision of who we are shapes everything about our company: the products we build, the markets we serve, the team we recruit, the tools and equipment we invest in, and even our physical environment.

Epic Audio Marine Electronics doesn’t put anything less than the best in your prized boat because quality matters. American built lighting, that’s what Epic likes to use! Ask us about other lighting options inside and outside the boat.


FLIR systems night and thermal vision for boats

FLIR M500 Our most cutting-edge M-Series pan and tilt camera to date is the gyro-stabilized FLIR M500 cooled thermal camera. The FLIR M500 excels at both short and ultra-long range target detection and identification thanks to its cryogenically cooled 640 x 512 pixel Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor. It has a 30x color HD camera with a 14X continuous optical thermal zoom, an LED spot-beam, video tracking, and radar integration. Utilize cutting-edge thermal night vision to sail like a pro Explore your adventurous side with FLIR’s thermal night vision cameras, which are precise, simple to use, and dependable. With the same cutting-edge technology employed by professional mariners and military worldwide, you may experience a sense of personal freedom when fishing, cruising, sailing, or simply exploring the ocean.

Flir night vision and garmin

Why Epic Audio Chooses Garmin for GPS

garmin chartplotter gps

Having a GPS system on your boat that is up to date, and properly working is the safest way to boat on big lakes. We recommend you choose a trusted system that we have personally tested and use every day ourselves and currently install in boats just like yours.

You probably already know how to use a Garmin chartplotter. It is that intuitive. Just turn it on and you can quickly follow the simple menu. Everything is at your fingertips to quickly and easily plan your route and set your course. And most Garmin ECHOMAP™ and GPSMAP® chartplotters are available with built-in sonar capabilities. These include advanced CHIRP traditional sonar and Garmin ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar, which provides the clearest scanning sonar images on the water.

Compare Chartplotters on Garmin’s website, then reach out to us for purchasing and installation.

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TracVision TV on Your Boat

TracVision TV for Boats

TV on any boat can be nice to have as family and friends need to take breaks from swimming and skiing. As they take a snack, let them catch up on the sports game or let the kids watch cartoons you control.  If you have questions about how Epic Audio can install the best TV equipment and signal on your vessel, message us directly or call.

TracVision TV1

The Ultra-Compact Marine Satellite TV Antenna that Delivers Superior Performance and HDTV

The ultra-compact TracVision® TV1 marine satellite television system delivers big entertainment for smaller boats, whether you’re cruising the coast or traveling the inland waterways. An easy-to-use installation wizard and single-cable design make this 32 cm (12.5-inch) antenna perfect for fast installations or retrofits. With new features and technology, the DVB-S2 compatible TracVision TV1 features:

  • Supports DIRECTV, DISH Network, Bell TV, and select linear Ku-band regional services in Europe
  • Single coaxial cable for power, data, and video enables easy installations and retrofits*
  • High-performance tracking for rock-solid reception on the move


Fusion Garmin Radio Aquire
FUSION entertainment systems has become the measure of quality marine speakers and are designed to play in an outside open area with frequencies to match outdoor water noise.
“Fusion has pioneered a number of innovations in marine audio. Their ability to integrate their products with networked marine multifunction displays has been recognized across the industry,” Garmin president and CEO Cliff Pemble said in a statement. “Like Garmin, Fusion is known for reliability, connectivity and integrated functionality, and we look forward to completing the acquisition and having them as part of our team.”
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Lumitec Marine Lighting

Lumitec LED Glow Lighting

When it comes to marine lighting Lumitec has been a staple in the category since the company’s inception in 2007. With a product line extending from underwater lights, navigation lights, flood and spreader lights and more. Lumitec products are used on many of the finest boats and yachts in the world. 

Lumitec was conceived, designed, and built to leverage new technologies in the development of innovative, high-value products. This concrete vision shapes everything about the company: the products they build, the markets they serve, the tools and equipment they invest in. Today, Lumitec is known for its innovative lighting solutions sought by those for whom high performance and failsafe reliability are of paramount concern. 

If you’re looking to add Lumitec to your boat before this upcoming season contact Epic Audio and let’s discuss what will work best for your needs. We are locally owned and operated in the Lake of the Ozark’s area. Servicing Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Sunrise Beach Missouri. No need to bring your vessel to us. We bring all of our quality tools and cleaning up supplies right to you and your boat.

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Chase Gregory Lighting

2022 Playcraft Tritoon Xtreme 2700 WetSounds Installation

Custom Audio Stereo Epic Marine Pontoon Lake Ozarks

Recently the owner of a 2022 Playcraft Tritoon Xtreme 2700 came to Epic Audio for an epic stereo upgrade. We installed WetSounds speakers to the interior of the boat underneath the seating. Each install is designed to each boat and customer request. Our goal towards our clients is to offer the best in quality sound with a clean and professional installation.

Along with the custom installation of these WetSounds speakers, we installed a FUSION Entertainment system. This radio system is world-renowned for engineering innovative audio solutions that are enjoyed around the world by the most prestigious boat designers and manufacturers. A FUSION entertainment system has become the measure of quality; chosen by those who appreciate acoustic excellence and demand superior environmental protection.

Founded In 2005 By A Team Of Highly Skilled Audio Veterans, Wet Sounds Is An Award-Winning, Texas-Based Marine Audio Company. Bringing a level of performance, style, and durability unparalleled in the audio industry, Wet Sounds’ marine stereo systems and equipment provide crisp, high-quality audio that’s loud enough to be heard whether you’re fishing a local pond, water skiing on a lake, or tubing on the ocean. Enjoy unparalleled protection from water damage with Wet Sounds’ state-of-the-art equipment.
 We are locally owned and operated in the Lake of the Ozark’s area. Servicing Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Sunrise Beach Missouri. No need to bring your vessel to us. We bring all of our quality tools and cleaning up supplies right to you and your boat.

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